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Estate Planning
What is estate Planning?
What is involved in estate planning?
Who needs estate planning?
What is included in my estate?
What is a will?
What is a revocable living trust?
What is probate?
To whom should I leave my assets?
Whom Should I name as my executor or trustee?
How should I provide for my minor children?
When does estate planning involve tax planning?
How does the way in which I hold title make a difference?
What are other methods of leaving property?
What if I become unable to care for myself?
Who should help me with my estate planning documents?
Should I beware of someone who is a
What are the costs involved in estate planning?
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Should I beware of someone who is a "promoter" of financial and estate planning services?

There are many who call themselves "trust specialists," "certified planners" or other titles which are intended to suggest that the person has received advanced training in estate planning. California is experiencing an explosion of promotions by unqualified individuals and entities which have only one real goal ÷ to gain access to your finances in order to sell insurance-based products such as annuities and other commission-based products.

Here are some helpful hints and suggestions:

Before considering a living trust or any other estate or financial planning document or service, consult with a lawyer or other financial advisor who is knowledgeable in estate planning, and who is not trying to sell a product which may be unnecessary. Always ask for time to consider and reflect on your decision. Do not allow yourself to be pressured into purchasing an estate or financial planning product.

Know your cancellation rights. California law requires that sellers who come to your home to sell goods and services (not including insurance and annuities) that cost more than $25 must give you two copies of a notice of cancellation form to cancel your agreement. You, the buyer, may cancel this transaction at any time prior to midnight of the third business day after the date of this transaction.

Be wary of home solicitors who insist on receiving confidential and detailed information about your assets and finances. Find out if any complaints have been filed against the company by calling local and state consumer protection offices or the Better Business Bureau. Know whom you are talking to and insist on identification of the person and a description of his or her qualifications, education, training and expertise in the field of estate planning.

Always ask for a copy of any document you sign at the time it is signed. Report high-pressure tactics, misrepresentations or fraud to the police