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Business Formation Law in San Diego - California
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Legal Service for Business Entity Formation
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Legal Service for Business Entity Formation

At the Law Offices of Bita Hamidi, we will consider your new business formation from a comprehensive perspective. When advising you on the merits of each form of entity; partnership, limited partnership, sole proprietorship, S-corporation, C-corporation, or limited liability company (LLC), we not only address the issues required for start-up, but those which will protect your ability to operate smoothly and profitably throughout the years ahead. We help resolve your growth needs and business expansion with a highly capable staff, including accountants, investigators (i.e. due diligence), and other experts according to your particular needs.

At the Law Offices of Bita Hamidi our lawyers act as general counsel and special counsel for companies of all sizes. We offer full-service corporate legal services and counseling in connection with the formation and representation of corporations, partnerships, and limited liability companies. We handle the preparation, negotiation and formation of a broad spectrum of contracts. Our firm prides itself on counseling businesses of every size helping them through all phases of corporate practice, including structuring, negotiating and drafting necessary agreements in connection with various business transitions.